Thunder Tea Story – Flavourful thunder tea rice that is bang for your buck

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    Thunder Tea Story , or lei cha fan, is a Hakka dish that most people either hate or love. The dish is essentially an assortment of greens and a herbal soup blend that’s eaten for more fiber and to reduce heatiness. It’s also popular with vegetarians as it's tasty and nutritious.

    The bowl of greens comes with a bowl of alarmingly green soup, and the base greens are usually set by the chef. Additional food chai poh egg, extra greens and fried tofu is available too. Like most other places, brown rice or white rice is optional.


    I chose to have brown rice with my thunder tea rice set ($4.80). The vegetables are very generous here, with a thick goopy soup. The herbal taste of the soup coupled with the celery bits can be a bit overpowering, and the nuts and beans helped bring in some nuttiness. The crunch of the vegetables makes me feel extra healthy, especially when I’m surrounded by all these heavy hawker foods.

    Noting that thunder tea rice usually costs about $6-7 elsewhere, the thunder tea rice here is definitely winning in terms of flavour and value-for-money.

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